Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Interview with DIEGO TERROS

q)Walk us through an intimate day in your life

a)Currently balancing four different jobs in NYC. I tend to have a quiet demeanor, constantly daydreaming about music, travel, and breaking free.

q) Where did you grow up/where do you live now and how does that contribute to your art?

a)I was born in Tarrytown, NY to Colombian parents and was raised in Bogota, Colombia. I spent my teenage years in Florida. Came to NYC for art school and been here ever since. The urban and foggy mountainous landscape of my childhood has had a tremendous influence in the mood of my work. Having been lucky to travel the world at an early age has expanded my imagination and made me long for no boundaries, while thinking about layers and remnants.

q) What is your earliest memory that propelled you to create?

a)Early on in kindergarten, the idea of collage was presented to me, and I continued on making parodic collages for my classmates even after the lesson was over. Coming from a family of artists, where my mother and sister used ceramic, gesso, papier mache, and painting, I was naturally exposed to mixed media practices.

q) Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

a)My process starts with a preoccupation in my head. After amassing images and symbols, I work with them to manifest and convey that feeling or idea.

q) How do you wish for your art to be perceived?

a)I cannot conceive for viewers to have a systematic response. Mood and allegorical theme coming across, however, is what perhaps matters to me the most.

q) What do your internal dialogues sound like?

a)There isn’t a language for it; it is purely abstract and symbolic.

q) Do you feel that there are limitations to what you want to create?

a)Yes, this city of possibilities can be very limiting when it comes to affordable space, especially for someone who is ambitious and collects a lot of material.

q) Do you feel art is vital to survival and if so, why?

a)Of course, art is a mission and a journey for some, it has the power of healing and enlightening and entertaining; it occurs in all our senses, in the mind and in ritual, so yes, it’s absolutely essential.

q) Describe a world without art.

a)Bleak. Robotic.

q) Tell us a secret, and obsession.

a)My pieces are little chapters, secrets, and obsessions.

q) Where can people see more of your work on the internet?