Sunday, 27 March 2011

Interview with Angela Rossi

q)Who are you? Where are you from and where do you live now?

a)Angela Rossi, Los Angeles CA

born, raised and currently reside

q)What is it that you do? What media do you use?

a)I am a artist that uses found, broken, and old materials to create or revamp them into something new.

q)What do you think sets your work apart?

a)I am not really sure that my work is particularly that different. Currently I am working on "modern portrait plates" which is just an updated, contemporary play on the traditional portrait plate art with a juxtapose style.

q)How long have you been showing your work for? Did you have a “big break?”

a)I am a new to the art world as I started creating art in 2010 when I began making assembled art sculptures. I was surprised how quickly they sold and the attention that they got. The Altered Antique Plates came shortly thereafter and have been received by the public quit quickly. The Altered Antique Plates have definitely provided me with both the financial means and the confidence to now say that I am an artist

q)What are some things that have inspired you?

a)I am totally inspired by pop culture, nature, animals and a bit of the dark side

q)What have you been working on recently?

a)Ive been so swamped making the altered antique plates that I have not had enough time to create anything new. I would like to get back into making more sculptures, Antique Doll Taxidemy.

q)Do you listen to music while you create your work? If so, would you give some examples?

a)I do listen to music, right now on my shuffle is

Zee Avi, David Karsten Daniels, Kate Nash, Ditty Bobs, Bright Eyes, Kimya Dawson

q)Do you do work in any other media? Other projects not necessarily related to your main body of work?

a)I love working with any materials that are found, old or broken. I have also been making some giant agate "stained glass" pieces for my house - without the glass and just with the colorful agate stones, I love the way they look in the light.

q)What advice do you have for artists looking to show their work?

a)Just get you stuff out there, the internet is amazing and people from everywhere can find you

q)Do you have any upcoming exhibitions of your work that you can mention?

a)Im excited to have my plates be a feature design at the I Saloni Milano, 2011 fair this April as part of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile for modern furniture design company Bizzotto

Also a fabulous interior designer in Sweden will be making fabric out of my images.

q)Do you have any upcoming exhibitions of your work that you can mention?

a)The Altered Antique Plates can currently be found at the Santa Monica Museum of Art

q)Where can people see more of your work on the internet?