Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Interview with Mike Egan

q)Tell me something about yourself….What’s your background…?

a)I went to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania for four years where I studied painting and printmaking. After that I went to the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science for funeral directing and embalming.

q)When growing what was the greatest force pushing you towards art?

a)I was always drawing, I remember looking at album covers and skateboard graphics a lot.

q)Were you inspired/encouraged by any one person to pursue your craft?

a)Nobody really encouraged me to paint when I was young, but my professors in college definitely felt that I had something good going.

q)How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

a)I would play them a bunch of Misfits and Tom Waits songs.

q)Are certains colours,shapes that you’re drawn to?

a)I use circles and crosses a lot, and I use a lot of black and light blue together.

q)What other talent would you like most to have?

a)I would like to learn how to play the piano, I like how it can sound really creepy.

q)What’s your favourite mediums to work in/on?

a)I like to use acrylics because of their quick drying time. I paint on wood mostly, it’s nice to sand down the paint so that some of the wood is showing.

q)What artists influence or have influenced you(these need not be visual artists)and how have they done so?

a)I love the German expressionists, Max Beckman, Otto Dix and Kathe Kollwitz. They have very bold line work and their subject matter was always on the dark side.

q)What non-visual art interest you and does this have an impact on your art?

a)I need to have music on when I’m painting, it has been a great influence on my art work. Nick Cave, Tom Waits, The Ramones, etc.

q)What do you think about artists using the Internet as a forum for sharing their work?

a)I think that it’s great for artists to use the internet. I know that I would not have sold as many paintings and I would not have as many shows lined up if it weren’t for my website.

q)What is your favourite toy,game or other artefact from your youth(and do you still own it)?

a)I used to have a complete set of serial killer trading cards and they disappeared years ago. I miss them, great art work.

q)Got any new projects planned?

a)I’m getting paintings ready for a three person show in Pittsburgh and a solo show in Portland.

q)What advice can you give to other artists to help them improve their chances of survival in this global village we call our home?

a)I would say that to be a successful artist you need to work really hard, don’t give up. There are always going to be people who hate your work.

q)Favourite books/authors?

a)My favourite author is Chuck Palahniuk and my favourite book by him is “Choke”.

q)Favourite music?

a)I listen to a lot of punk rock and indie music

q)What do you fear most?

a)Oddly enough I have a fear of death, I guess that’s why my paintings are about the darker side of life.

q) Your contacts…

a)People can check out my website at and can e-mail at for any purchase info.


Anonymous Rick Littlefield said...

Egan's riveting works remind me of the "war" paintings of the Expressionists, only much more poignant, because they speak to our own time and place.

17 July 2009 at 13:36:00 GMT-7  

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