Sunday, 1 April 2007

Interview with Paul Chatem

q)Tell me something about yourself….What’s your background…?

a)I was born in 1974 in Bellvue, WA and currently live in Los Angeles,CA

q)When growing what was the greatest force pushing you towards art?

a) It seems like I've always drawn and painted. Most of the friends I had as a kid were the same way.
We were either hiking around the hills above our town, getting in trouble, or we were sitting around drawing pictures.

q)Were you inspired/encouraged by any one person to pursue your craft?

a) My best friend as a kid was way more talented than me and I always aspired to be as good as he was. He would give me advice and encouragement and made me understand that everybody developes thier talents at thier own pace, and that's OK. He was way beyond his years.

q)How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

a) My art is inspired by history and looks like it has been around for awhile. It's done in a cartoony style but has an aged texture to it that gives it an atmosphere of a bygone time.

q)Are certains colours,shapes that you’re drawn to?

a) I'm red and green color blind so I see color in a different way than other people. I seem to use a lot of yellows and browns more than anything else.

q)What other talent would you like most to have?

a) I wish I was a better writer. I read alot of books and wish I had the ability to put words together well enough to write a novel, or short stories at least.

q)What’s your favourite mediums to work in/on?

a) I usually work with acrylic paints on gessoed birch plywood. I also do a lot of ink drawings but I do those all with brushes too, not pens.

q)What artists influence or have influenced you(these need not be visual artists)and how have they done so?

a) I've mostly been influenced by comic book guys like Daniel Clowes, Jim Woodring and Al Colombia.
I also really like some newer painters like Camille Rose Garcia and Robert Hardgrave.
q)What non-visual art interest you and does this have an impact on your art?

a) I'm influenced by books I read more than anything. William S. Burroughs, John Fante, Dashille Hammett, Charles Bukowski as well as history and science books.

q)What do you think about artists using the Internet as a forum for sharing their work?
a) I stayed away from it for a long time, but now I realize how easy it is to converse with people all over the world and share your art with them. I think it is great. Of course, it will never take the place of seeing someones art in person.

q)What is your favourite toy,game or other artefact from your youth(and do you still own it)?

a) I have a really short term memory and don't remember any specific toy that I had as a kid. I don't have any of them any more.

q)Got any new projects planned?

a)I'm working on a two man show with Nathan Fox right now. It's going to open in July at CoproNason Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

q)What advice can you give to other artists to help them improve their chances of survival in this global village we call our home?

a) You've got to work harder than the next guy. I work 12-15 hours a day. You also have to be willing to sell your stuff for a lot less money than you think it's worth.

q)Favourite books/authors?

a) Ask the Dusk by John Fante, Red Harvest by Dashille Hamett, and Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski are a few of my favorites.

q)Favourite music?

a) Tom Waits, Old Crow Medicine Show, Johnny Cash, and the Cramps.

q)What do you fear most?

a) Going Blind

q) Your contacts…



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