Monday, 26 March 2007

Interview with Rai Escalè

q)Tell me something about yourself….What’s your background…?

a)I´m Rai Escalé, painter from Barcelona, Spain.
I studied fine arts ages ago, but my background comes from my infinite apetite for images, and my eternal inner reflexions on painting.

q)When growing what was the greatest force pushing you towards art?

a)I always felt like I had to vomit my own images, something inside made me paint everything.

q)Were you inspired/encouraged by any one person to pursue your craft?

a)Everybody thought I was a failure, and some still think it.
Others think I make great images, and are right,

q)How would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

a)I would hit him in the stomach with my fist.

q)Are certains colours,shapes that you’re drawn to?

a)I always do portraits, and black is the queen of my pallette.

q)What other talent would you like most to have?

a)I would like to draw and paint like all my masters together.
In general life, flying could be good.

q)What’s your favourite mediums to work in/on?

a)I don’t really care much about the medium, it depends much more on where I am and what’s available, but acrylics and indian ink are most used.

q)What artists influence or have influenced you(these need not be visual artists)and how have they done so?

a)All the great painters in history, I think,
For years I was obsessed by Goya and Bacon… now I take from every single one, from Leonardo to Pollock. Actually I love Barceló a lot, he keeps surprising me.

q)What non-visual art interest you and does this have an impact on your art?

a)Well music is a passion for me, and the moods it induces makes me paint in different ways, I think. I always paint hearing loud music, so my brain thinks very little or none, so I can paint free of trash… My favourite group to play while painting are Tindersticks.
I do it nearly always in my studio.

q)What do you think about artists using the Internet as a forum for sharing their work?
a)Internet has become a good place to share, and even more to network; thou is a different path that those in real life, sometimes being well placed in the net may help you with some opportunities, but one’s way still depend on those concentric real life circles and its growing… its your career that grows with them. And also, one needs to exhibit and sell pictures to live, and its silly to buy young art through internet. You must see it and smell it.

q)What is your favourite toy,game or other artefact from your youth(and do you still own it)?

a)I have bad memories from my youth and I don’t keep any toy or else.

q)Got any new projects planned?

a)In a few days I am meeting the slovak painter Milos Koptak, and we’re going to paint a mural in Pamplona(spain too). A piece 4 x 1 m. After that I am preparing my next solo exhibition, next September in Valencia (Spain)

q)What advice can you give to other artists to help them improve their chances of survival in this global village we call our home?

a)Work work and work in your studio.
If you haven’t got any studio, look for it and work work work there

q)Favourite books/authors?

a)Good ones

q)Favourite music?

a)Good one.

q)What do you fear most?

a)Violence .

q) Your contacts…



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