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Interview with Mia Mäkilä

Q)Something about you...what you want...

A)I'm Mia Mäkilä. 28 years old (christ, I'm almost 30). Swedish artist. selftaught. Art historian. Yada yada yada, let's get to the good stuff, I'm apassionate loner, I don't like to travel, I'm neurotic, scared of many things and extremely afraid to die, I think everyone has an Universe inside that takes a lifetime to explore, I'm not religious, I love to walk in the rain without an umbrella, I really dislike dishonest people and deceitfulness, I live in a haunted house, I have met the love of my life(Jimmy), as a child I lied a lot and I don't have any pets. There you have it. That's me.

Q) What are your main goals when you create?

A)To get rid of my demons and all the uncomfortable feelings I have. Grief,sadness, pain, anger, rage, hurt, confusion, shame and desire. I don't create just to sell the paintings and make a lot of money. I don't believe in artist as moneymakers, but as magicians. I have a gift and I want to share it with others. You know, like a doctor wants to save other peoples lives and priests wants to spread the word. I think we all have a gift and a duty to others. An artist is an entertainer, magician, truth teller,madman and scientist, all at the same time.

Q) Do you rule by any tendency in your creative work, or you only follow what comes in your mind?

A)I only follow the images I get in my head and the intuition and inspiration that comes to me. But I never compromise with myself. I never finish a painting I don't feel is good enough.
Q)How has the internet and your website helped you spread your artwork to awider audience?

A)The internet is fabulous. You can show your artworks to anybody anywhere.It is like a huge cyber gallery if you want. And you get attention and admiration from all over the world. I love that. And you can get an instance relation with other artist around the world. Told you it was fabulous.

Q)How do you define your style and how would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

A)Some kind of horror art, new victorianism, dark eroticism, grotesque yet beautiful with a lot of black humor. Yes, that's it.

Q)What materials do you use to realize your creations?

A)Artist colleague Gus Fink once told me you should never revealer your technique, like those old-fashioned Magicians. But I use acrylics, vintage photographs, paper cut outs and charcoal. The rest is my secret.

Q) What is your favorite a) taste b) sound c) sight d) scent e) tactile sensation?

A)I´m obsessed with candy and liquorices (the salty ones) b) thunder and rain c) my lover's eyes d) coffee, but I don't drink coffee because I get really hyper and dizzy, I also like the smell of really old books (how weird is that) e) ostrich feathers

Q) What are you doing now.your current projects.

A)Working on my "My Victorian Secret" collection for an exhibition in my hometown this spring. My studio is a mess. I'm working day and night right now.

Q) Do you listen to music while you're painting and what do you listen and what do you like to listen?

A)I always have music on when I create. I love to have classical music on and great operas. I love Mozart but my favorite piece is Pachelbels "Canonin D". I also listen to Julee Cruise, Angelo Badalamenti, Edith Piaf,Serge Gainsbourg, Billie Holiday and Vonda Shepard. With other words: alot of different shit.

Q) Do you draw influences from a wide range of artists, musicians, books.?

A)I guess I do. My biggest inspiration comes from artists but also from movie directors; Ingmar Bergman (he's so dramatic and storytelling), DavidLynch (I love his riddles, symbolism and dark humor) and Tim Burton (for his beautiful inner worlds).

Q)Name 3 things you couldn't create without?

A)My eyes, my soul and the teeny tiny little brushes I use when I paint.

Q) Where have you show your art.?

A)I only like to show my artworks at small underground places, only inSweden so far. Once I had a great and successful show at a nearby castle(Löfstad Castle). That was really cool.

Q) What haven't you done yet that you definitely want to try someday?

A)I want to try digital art, C-prints and 3-D stuff like making dolls inpapier-mâché.

Q) How important is self-promotion for an artist nowadays?
A)Very important. I believe that you have to work really hard to get somewhere. If you get your dream to easy, there is no feeling to it. But if you work really hard, you will get that glorious feeling when your dream finally comes true.

Q) Would you say that your work consciously reflects characters and situations found within your daily life?
A)All the characters I create in my artworks are real. Either from my pastor from my everyday life. Some of them are only embodiment of my inner demons.

Q) Favorite book?

A)I have a thing for old fairytales and children's literature, you know like the brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll and Roald Dahl. Their stories are verycruel, magical and have quite some dark humor. When I think about it, I'm very inspired by that kind of mixture.
Q) Designers/Artists you admire?

A)Because I'm an art historian, I love to look back at great artist. My two favorite artists (that died a long time ago) are Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder, but of all the contemporary artist I get my biggest art intoxication by Gus Fink, Maggie Taylor, Travis A. Louie, Chris Mars and Kelly Louise Judd.

Q) Your contacts..e-mail.links. (my art is a part of a collective art blog)


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