Saturday 13 January 2007

Interview with Daniel Garcia

Q) Something about you/what you want?

A) I want to conquer the world with my art and I want to be the first living modern painter to have a show inside the Vatican.

Q) What are your main goals when you create?

A) To express inner desires and escape any form of oppression. I usually achieve my goal when I paint something that I like very much onlyto paint the canvas in a solid color and cover the image so that no one can ever see it. Maybe one day I will publish the photographs of every painting I have made and then cover again - "The lost but not really lost works by Daniel Garcia", it sounds ridiculous but it has capture my attention.

Q) Do you rule by any tendency in your creative work, or you only follow what comes in your mind?

A)I have too much in my mind, I stand in front of the canvas and just let loose, whatever wants to come out pretty much makes it's way out. I do not hold back or think too much, that would not let me be myself and the art suffers as much as I suffer.

Q) How has the internet and your website helped you spread your artwork to a wider audience?

A) I get to share my art with the world and before I created my website I was not able too share my work. Because of the internet, I am showing my work more and more and it is getting me notice by people far away from my home, like Italy, Japan, Brasil, the moon.

Q) How do you define your style and how would you describe your art to someone who could not see it?

A) My works is like making a tall cocktail drink, you take 1 partGraffiti, 1 part Naïve, 1 part abstracts and 1 part African = my work.

Q) What materials do you use to realize your creations?

A) Everything that makes a mark and it does not always have to be paint,it could be creams, markers, pencils, inks, charcoal, foods, water, wine,human fluids, etc.

Q) What is your favorite a) taste b) sound c) sight d) scent e) tactilesensation?

A) Everything together is my favorite (eating a delicious dish, with beautiful orchids to decorate the plate and sounds great going down,smells extraordinary like bubblegum flavor and the sensation is completely satisfying - Like eating a slice of pizza and washing it down with a coldbeer).

Q) What are you doing now/your current projects?

A) I am currently working on large paintings based on the crazy environment all around - stupid war, retarded leaders, selfish people,greedy consumer, chaotic motions, poverty, crime and lack of time, doing everything together and more and more and more and more.

Q) Do you listen to music while you're painting and what do you listen andwhat do you like to listen?

A)The beat from the sounds of African and Santeria music get my moving and makes my creative juices flow. When I paint on paper, the music of choice is 80's but on canvas mainly the large works, it is African all the way.

Q) Do you draw influences from a wide range of artists, musicians, books?

A) Yes, from everything, everyone, anything and anyone. I never know what will influence me.

Q) Name 3 things you couldn't create without?

A) Hard cord beat - Music, frustration and reason.

Q) Where have you shown your art?

A)I invite you to visit my curriculum posted on my web site I am also working on other shows but if you also join my mailing list, I will keep you posted with up coming shows, new works,others.

Q) What haven't you done yet that you definitely want to try someday?

A) I want to go back to the beginning of it all and create a series based on the masters (Caravaggio Tintoretto Rembrandt DaVinci Rafael Michelangelo Velazquez and so many others). The foundation would be taking 10-12o f these most know masters and the most recognizable painting they've created and use those images as my inspiration to create my own tribute to the master and the masterpiece they created, yeah that is what I would like to do someday and real soon too.
Q) How important is self-promotion for an artist nowadays?

A) If you do not promote yourself, no one will know about you, if no one know of you, no one will come to the shows, if no one comes to the shows,you do not sell art, if you do not sell art, you can not afford to buy more supplies to create more art and if you can not create more art, you get frustrated and loose your passion and without passion there is nothing. In other words, you do not exist without self promotion.
Q) Would you say that your work consciously reflects characters and situations found within your daily life?

A) Everything I paint reflected a character/situation in my daily life. Life is what inspires me, I love to live - imagine how inspired I am?
Q) Favorite book?

A) I like porn magazines because the way that the human body is shown is unlike anything else becoming works of art. Another favorite book is the one I have on anatomy or human and one of animals - very interesting stuff, check it out.

Q) Designers/Artists you admire?

A)Alexander McQueen - the best Fashion Designer without any questions .
Carlos Quintana - A painter from Cuba living in Madrid (his works blow mymind so far out into space-real good works).
Cy Twombly - Genius
Jesus - without him, nothing would be
Louise Nevelson - Another genius and with real big balls
Wilfredo Lam - Such visionary, a real creative leader
David Bowie - WOW, WOW, WOW, many of my painting have been inspired listening to Bowie (Major Tom freaking rocks)
Pedro Almodovar - His art is like seeing my art in motion. I want to be like Almodovar when I grow up.
Christopher Columbus - not sure why but he had allot of balls to venture into the unknown, that is gutsy,
And the most admired artist in my book is my mother, she created the ultimate masterpiece.

Q) Your contact e-mail/links...


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Dear Claudio, thanks for the great interview of Daniel Garcia and other visionary artists. I enjoyed it very much.


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